Hello fellow bike messenger!
I work for a bike messenger company that has about 20 bikers, every day there are about half of them in action.
The business is getting quite well, but now we are facing administrative problems due to poorly filled receipt and to the special requests by the different costumers (like "I want the initials of the caller on the receipt" or "the receipt must show the address of the cost department"...).

The base records the orders on a daily paper list and then in a second time the data are copied into the accounting database.
We use a carbon copy receipt system, the originals are kept in the company archive, the copies are joined to the monthly bill or given to the few senders that pay cash.
The base invest a lot of time checking the accuracy of the receipt slips which are often badly or incomplete filled by the messenger.

How is the activity at your bike messenger company organized?
Is the base able to fill the order computer database immediately while the costumer is still on the phone or do you still work with a paper order list?
How many carbon copy receipt do you use and how are them handled?
How do you register and check the receipt?
Do you pay the runs to the messenger that provide badly filled receipt?

At the moment there is not enough money to invest in mobile electronic toys like at UPS or Fedex, so we are stack to paper receipts.

Many thanks for your hints!