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    Bike Lane Satire Cartoon

    This is a political cartoon from the NY Times. I thought it was too funny not to share.

    Under the new system, sidewalk parking for all vehicles becomes not only mandatory but also illegal — a one-two punch expected to fatten the Department of Finance’s coffers by an estimated $13 million per day in added traffic summonses!
    Cleared of all vehicular traffic, streets can now be sliced into seven lanes serving almost every purpose except driving:
    A — TRAFFIC AGENT LANE. A personal walkway for those peripatetic squads of uniformed men and women sworn to wander the streets and catch the culprits who get the tickets that pay for the uniformed men and women.
    B — SKATEBOARD/SCOOTER/SEGWAY LANE frees up sidewalk space for runaway taxicabs, double-parked U.P.S. and FedEx trucks, outdoor restaurant seating, etc.
    C — BRIDLE LANE brings new hope to Manhattan’s imperiled equestrian industry.
    D — RUNNER/JOGGER LANE will ease foot-traffic congestion in Central Park, Riverside Park and other open spaces. ($65 fine for running/jogging in the wrong direction.)
    E — PROHIBITED LANE. A revenue-bonanza no man’s land with no purpose except to slap the unwary with a $95 fine.
    F — BABY STROLLER LANE. Those clusters of gabbing pram-pushers can at last roam free without blocking pedestrians. (Unoccupied strollers subject to $65 fine.)*
    G — BICYCLE LANE. As many as seven cyclists per hour are expected to exploit this lane.
    * Baby Stroller Lane becomes Dog-Walking Lane from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m.

    Bruce McCall is the author and illustrator, most recently, of "Marveltown."
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