Heres a tip!

You can make a clickable link to your home page or email in your signature, Just click here or the "profile" icon above, put in your member name, and password, then include any information you would like in your posts, including your website, or email in your signature.

You can also use VB-code in your signature, this will alow you to make your links clickable, bold, italic, underlined, in a list, and much more.

As you can see in my personal signature, I list my name, a link to my website, and my email address. Because this forum is on a dynamic database, as you update your signature, all your posts will include the new signature, this is an awesome feature if you change your web address, as even your posts that you may have made a year ago, will show your current information!

For best results, keep your signature line under 5 lines long.

If you have a tip related to signature marketing, please post it here. If you have other tips for webmasters, please make a new topic.