The Alternative Transportation Show will be back on the airwaves, albeit briefly.

Listen with a Shortwave Reciever to WBCQ, 7.415 kiloHertz,

on April 28th and or May 5th, 2011,

at 7:00 PM Eastern Time

(6:00 PM Central Time, 5:00 PM Mountain Time, or 4:00 PM Pacific Time)

This is a special broadcast "Introduction to Bicycling", aimed at novice bicyclists.

It is only a half hour broadcast, thirty minutes, and will be aired TWICE, on the dates mentioned above.

The tape is in the mail, and in the event it gets lost in the mail, it will be have to be rescheduled.

I thought this would be a good time to air a special show about bicycles, since May is National Bike Month,

and maybe, just maybe, some people are thinking about taking up bicycling, what with the price of gas going over four dollars a gallon, and now that the weather is warm.

I believe the show will be simulcast online: