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Old 04-26-11, 08:41 PM   #1
Series of Tubes
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Confused, looking for tricycle suggestions

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum--wasn't sure where would be the best place to post my question.

I don't know a ton about cycling, but would really like to get into it this summer to get fitter, save money, and hopefully have fun in the process! Unfortunately I have balance issues and don't feel comfortable with a standard bicycle, so I am really looking for an adult tricycle, I think I would feel a lot safer with that instead.

I have been reading as much as I can about how to pick a type of bicycle to meet your needs, but I am confused how much of that applies to tricyles. Maybe because adult tricycles are less popular, but there seems to be less of a selection? Maybe I am just looking in the wrong places.

There is a bike store near where I live but I asked if they sold adult tricycles and just got laughed at, so I'm not keen on going back.

Maybe someone on here can suggest some reliable brands/models to look at that would meet my needs? Money is an issue, so if I ignorantly ended up with some shoddy lemon brand or something that I can't use for what I wanted, it will definitely hurt the household budget. I want to take my time to pick something reliable that will be good for what I need.

I mainly want to use it for commuting to/from work and running errands around town (groceries, post office, etc.) Storage bins/baskets a big plus for that, most models seem to have these. It would be ridden in an area with lots of hills, mainly on paved roads but sometimes rougher surfaces like gravel. I prefer to stay away from recumbents, they just look a little too bizarre for me.

Any help or advice would be great! I'm just feeling overwhelmed with all the info and have nobody to ask in person.
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Old 04-26-11, 09:02 PM   #2
rebmeM roineS
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Yes, there are fewer trikes than bikes on the market. Sun makes 'adult trikes' and 'recumbent trikes'. Any bike shop can order Sun products - not sure how many shops have models on hand.

Worksman is another maker of trikes.

You're right, recumbent bikes and trikes and the people who ride them are bizarre.
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Old 04-26-11, 09:05 PM   #3
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Here is a brand that's worth a look:

Made in New York, I believe. The company has a good reputation and has been around forever.
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Old 04-26-11, 09:19 PM   #4
Tom Stormcrowe
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Depends on how fast you want to go. As mentioned, Sun makes both upright and recumbent trikes. I'd personally recommend a recumbent, since they are more comfortable, and stable than an upright. My wife also has severe balance issues, and rides a Sun EZ3 SX. We've taken it on hops around town, as well as loaded touring.

as well as charity rides

Her trike is what is called a Delta Trike.

Then, there's a Tadpole, from companies like Greenspeed, or Whizwheels, or Sun, or any number of other companies.
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Old 04-27-11, 05:25 AM   #5
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Lots of good info at this site. Maybe so much it is confusing. You mentioned hills in your area, & that will make a few trikes not desirable to you. Sometimes, here in Fl., you can get very good deals on used ones. May try that in your area. Take a good test run before buying any you find, new or used.
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Old 04-27-11, 05:43 AM   #6
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The UK has a much more active adult tricycle scene. These are lightweight, upright touring trikes made to a high spec, usually by small custom workshops, NOT the heavy industrial models or retirement home run-abouts found in the USA.
Longstaff have a good reputation and do a reasonably prices stock trike that works on rougher ground.
Their touring trike is more expensive.
Bob jackson make similar light-touring/racing trikes.
There are some conversions either 2 front wheels or 2 rear wheels.
You can find them on the Tricycle Association links page
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Originally Posted by Esteban32696 View Post
Lots of good info at this site. Maybe so much it is confusing. You mentioned hills in your area, & that will make a few trikes not desirable to you. Sometimes, here in Fl., you can get very good deals on used ones. May try that in your area. Take a good test run before buying any you find, new or used.
These folks are local to us. They sell bikes as well as trikes (Jack's Bicycle and Fitness in Dearborn, MI). They are great at customer service and I would reccommend them highly. (They replaced my Trek Madone 5.2 WSD without even contacting Trek when a crack/serious paint flaw appeared after 85 miles!) My husband bought a recumbent trike from them, Cat Trike Villager, that he loves. You really ought to give the recumbents a try as they are ligher and faster than the full up right trikes....also a bit more expensive.

Good luck in your search,
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