Was reading this.

Leaning the bicycle sharply while keeping your upper body more upright

This approach is popular with beginners who are scared to lean over sideways, and who feel less disoriented by keeping their bodies more upright. -- though actually, they don't. The cyclist is much heavier than the bicycle, which leans over farther, instead.
This is what I've started to learn to do to corner fast (I can't at all). As someone mentioned at some random point, apparently my control over rough road is dependent on balance... and my balance is lacking, hence why I can't ride no hands and keep straight.

Leaning the upper body and the bicycle together, keeping them in line as when riding straight.

This technique has the advantage of keeping the steering axis, tire contact patches and center of gravity all in the same plane. This preserves the proper handling characteristics of the bicycle, and makes a skid less likely.

Guess I should go speeding around a parking lot trying to pull proper-technique hard turns.


I hit the pavement enough already.