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Thread: neewoom!
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    hey fellow abnormaly well balanced friends

    how r u?

    i'm just wondering how you first learned(trough a friend or whatever) to unicycle, and with what...and anything else that might be worth knowing.

    some guy that was in the same course as i'm taking (but a year ahead of me, so i didn't really know him too well)
    had brought his uni to show his friend...i tried it, and went like 15 feet on the sixth try. i was all excited and the guy (btw he a great friend now) said i was great too. so i borrowed it and learn to ride it (with a bit of a lack of balance...i could turn but one side)
    i had about three or four hours of practice on that uni, and the guy is now in hhis province for the i bought my own...and now i'm better than him...gnein

    i learned on a 16" uni, i wouldn't recommend that, because the wheel is too can get out from under you in an instant.

    now i have a 24" wheel(it's a crappy, no-name rim) with 6" crank, and a seat that's most likely made in taiwan.

    i'm not sure what kind of frame it is...i ordered it from lambert cycles, but i don't know if they make it or just sell it???

    on a different note,
    i can now hack a drop off almost three feet high, jump about a foot and a half high(on something)
    i can go backwards about ten feet...then i stop a go froward again...i don't fall

    i can't do much...but i just really started riding like a mounth ago.. and i don't have all that much time to practice...i work nights and often sleep days (i sometimes work 12 to 15 hours at a time... so i have the right to sleep all day!!)

    anyway that's my story...what's yours


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    my bro gave me a cheap norco uni wit a 20" wheel. i jus hacked at it until i could ride an bit by bit got better parts (heavier duty parts) so now the only thing stock on it is the frame and bearing holders. lol. i would recommend for ages 1-8 a 16"
    ages 9-14 a 20"
    ages 15 and up, a 24"

    this is for learning, of course,because after you can ride one size,you can pretty much ride them all.

    keep ridin

    ride to live,live to ride

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    my story.

    on Dec.25 97... aka Christmas day,
    i rushed downstairs and i see my dad holding a unicycle.
    So after continuous fighting with my sisters we setup
    two counter-stools and practiced keeping our balance between them. As we gradually got better my Dad taught us to ride.
    (while grasping a picket fence for fear of falling off)
    Three years later, I am the only one in my family who learned to ride it. I can go backwards as far as I want, and turn while going backwards, and go forward again, ride on my stomach, go in circles, mount unassisted, and go off about 1 foot drops and other numerous unimpressive things.
    i never have gotten really into it until this year.
    i have a Savage unicycle.
    (and heck if i know what size tire it is...)
    well, yup, thats my story ...
    Hannah K.-porcelain_unicycler

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