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    Roof rack for 1996 Honda Accord

    So, I want to install a roof rack so I can haul around more bicycles. Right now I can usually dissemble them and cram 3 into my trunk with my fold down back seat and fit two more on my bike trunk rack.

    So I thought, hey I'll buy a roof rack! I found Thule's website and did their fit guide and they want $379 for a new roof rack. Yea, that's happening. I did some research and I can piece one together from eBay for $147, still a lot of money for chunks of fricken metal.

    so, I was wondering if anyone had any economical solutions to my problem, like ideas on how to build a custom rack for my car? I think for $100 I should be able to pay someone to build some kind of custom bike rack. I know every hardware store has those qr skewer mounts, shouldn't I be able to buy some bars, feet and bolts and put it together myself?
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