July has been a good month for me, I have been riding for a few months now. I actually tried to track what I am doing this month and managed to get most of the riding and walking written down on the calendar.

I Rode 64 miles total. My single gear trainer/exercise bike about 40 of the miles on hwy with the remaining being off road or bike trails on the Diamondback MB. In addition I walked 10.5 miles with my Jack Russell.

I had to take one week off due to overtaxing my knees on the Mountain bike ride earlier this month. I got to aggressive to fast. Lesson learned.
Of all the rides the best was today when I rode 5 miles with my Youngest Son who has returned from Afghanistan.

Only two wrecks this month, one resulting in road rash, the other with me going into a cedar tree on the mountain bike.

So how was your month fellow riders?