Hi, sorry if this has been asked before. I searched and didn't find any threads. So here's my situation, I'm kinda tight on money so I'm hoping to get the cheapest components that can get the job done. I've been deciding between the Yakima Copperhead. Yakima Forklift, and the Thule 513 Domestique. Been reading reviews on them and people have said that both are pretty easy to steal off the roof rack because of a lack of a locking system. Both "extra" locking systems cost over an additional $300 so it's kinda making me want to rethink about racks in general. The reason I want a roof rack over a trunk rack though is because then I can expand on what I can carry on top.

If anyone has/have owned one of these racks, and wants to give some light on what their thought it, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!