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    Looking for a bike design..

    Contemplating an n+1 hobby bike.. I have a great family bike that I enjoy riding with my family on, but now and then I just want to throw something down and go zoom.

    What i'd like would be something of a cyclocross bike - I want to try drop bars and go pretty fast. But i'm also contemplating fixed gear, and at the very least single speed.

    Because the roads here are absolutely brutal, i'd like to run huge tires at a high pressure, probably with wide rims. Oh, and it'd be nice to run fenders on top of that.

    I'm a clyde, so it can't be featherweight.

    Sort've a minimalist drop bar beach-cross bike, I guess.

    I also have a small budget. I don't want anything top end, in fact I was contemplating building the thing on a Denali frame to make it cheaper and less attractive to thieves. yes, I realize that that would involve building new wheels and replacing various shaky parts. oh well.

    Has anyone seen any sort of bike of this type, or ideas?
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    As you know I "love" my Worksman cycles. That said there is one other bike that just gets my juices flowing very fast!

    The Surley Pugley!

    Wow! Is that a dream bike or what?!?!

    In fact: I think you might like the Pugley too!!
    My preferred bicycle brand is.......WORKSMAN CYCLES
    I dislike clipless pedals on any city bike since I feel they are unsafe.

    Originally Posted by krazygluon
    Steel: nearly a thousand years of metallurgical development
    Aluminum: barely a hundred, which one would you rather have under your butt at 30mph?

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    Surly Cross Check takes 45mm tires, has horizontal dropouts to allow FG/SS, it was meant for this type of stuff.

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