I'm looking to buy my first bike.
I really like the looks of bikes such as the Trek Allant and the Public V7. Do you any recommendations of other bikes in that price range (under $600) that I should look at?

Good gear range: I have a massive hill to deal with if I want to go anywhere, elevation change of 500-700 ft in a few miles.

Comfortable: I'll be doing 30+ mile rides often, hopefully.

Aesthetics: Again, I really like the look of the Allant and the V7 (And the Belleville, but that has too few gears), and I don't think I'm interested in Road bikes yet.

Thanks for any help, I appreciate it!

(Background: I haven't had a bike in a very long time. I've been on two bike rides in the past few weeks (an 8 mile and a 36 mile) and those are the only rides I've been on in 15 years. I was on my friend's mountain bike, I can't remember the make/model.)