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    Bike Forums Contest has opened a Cafepress Store for the members to purchase Branded Logo Wear and gift items to show your BF pride. We're pretty excited about this. Now, this is where you, as community members come in.....

    We're having a contest for all registered members to create logos in 4 categories using forum in-jokes. The categories are:

    1) I'm a Fred
    2) Check Out My Massive Guads
    3) Flying Squirrel (for SS/FG)
    4) Crank It Up to 400 Watts

    Prizes for each category are the first item from the store, of your choice, for the category you win, and Lifetime Upgrade to Titanium Preferred membership. Submissions are to go to the following email address:
    The contest official start is Aug 26th and will run for three weeks
    The Image requirements are JPGs or PNGs (PNGs are preferred as they are higher quality and have crisper edges)
    • RGB color mode
    • No larger than 7MB in file size
    • Between 100 and 300 DPI to print well (200-300 is preferred)

    The rules, etc are in the Global Announcement at
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    2) You misspelled "Quads". It's a "Q" not a "G".

    4) Question: "Crank it up to 400 watts" , Is that a reference to Ebikes, or Alt Bikes with Loud Stereos?

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    I think ryanf started Guads, search for his posts.
    Giant doesn’t honour warranties.

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