i spotted
it at a resale shop he puts his bikes outside by the curb, it was obviously a neat road bike unlike the other crap bikes, so I stopped and asked the price, 100 dollars he said, so I bought it, Shimano 600 groupo 21 inch frame with a black finish aerodynamic Wolber rimmed wheels in 700c. this is a 21 lb raceable bike. so I was happy with my new acquisition, the tyres aired up the gears and brakes worked the wheels were round and true, It had been years since i have raced, I am 71 now and all my road bikes are stuck in storage up in north east Missouri. thats why i even had the money to buy the Miyata, i am saving up to go get my storage, its about 600 miles one way, and i will need to rent a uhaul. I plan to go in late april 2012 so I can go to the Jefferson Barracks ww2 weekend in St Louis, I really need a partner to go along w/me btw I am in Hot Springs Ar