That's what todays ride felt like when I was riding west on my usual training route. I was in summer gear clotheswise it was 58 degrees. I was going to do 50 miles and figured the hills are so steep I would generate enough heat pedaling uphill, & the down hills are so fast by the time the wind chill got to me I would be going back uphill. almost all my downhills were westbound, I wore clear glasses that instantly got so spotted on the outside and fogged on the inside I took them off. So now I'm going downhill into the wind, I'm guessing was 30mph + or - the rain hitting my eyes felt like killer bees stinging my eyeballs. I get to Old 80 & the sand & dirt particles are now hitting my eyes as they het kicked up by the semi's filled with sand then the cars run it over, I've still got Roseann Barr on my handlebars dragging her feet and pushing me backward. So my original intention of doing 50 miles turned into 30, I rationalized that with Roseann on my handlebars for 30 miles was equivalent to 50, on top of that the wind chill factor was nothing to take lightly so I called it a day at 30, I was sooo bummed.