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Old 12-01-04, 11:44 AM   #1
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Has anyone ever tried to steal your locked bike? If so, what kind of lock were you using and what did the bastards do to it? Did the key still work?
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Old 12-01-04, 01:11 PM   #2
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The only time someone tried to steal my bike they succeded. I had a 3/4 inch steel cable on it and I never saw it again. I have 2 ulocks on my bike now.
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Old 12-01-04, 01:28 PM   #3
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I've had one cable-locked bike stolen. And I've had the wheels stolen off of one u-locked bike, in broad daylight on a college campus!
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Old 12-01-04, 01:59 PM   #4
kipuka explorer
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My first beloved bike was chained up next to our front door in the "safe" 'burbs, and stolen within an hour in daylight. Needless to say, I never used a combo lock again. As if to rub it in, the thief left the obviously useless lock on the fence. :/
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Old 12-01-04, 02:03 PM   #5
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You really oughta put in a poll if the subject suggests a poll.
I had a bike parked about 1/2 a mile away at a train station, when I got back, I noticed someone tried to cut through the cable and apparently their cutters got jammed in the strands of wire inside.
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Old 12-01-04, 02:24 PM   #6
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My Kryptonite locks have beaten every attempt. (Knock on wood). Over the past twenty years, I have used Kryptonite U-locks. From time to time, I will notice cut marks or pry marks, or hammer marks on the locks. It happens every couple of years. The locks have always survived without significant damage. Unfortunately, unlocked parts, such as wheels and saddles have been taken.

These days, I lock the rear wheel with a Kryptonite, and use allen bolts, instead of quick releases for the front wheel, and seatpost. I add a cable lock through the front wheel in high risk areas. Late night movies rate the use of two Kryptonites, plus a heavy cable lock.

I don't give the crooks a shot at a bike worth stealing. The bikes that I lock and leave for hours are old, beat up, and have little or no pawnshop value. My better bikes are never out of sight or reach.
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Old 12-01-04, 04:19 PM   #7
Retro Grouch 
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I had my road bike locked in the bed of my pick up with a very ordinary cable and two padlocks. When I came out of the store I was visiting, the bike had obviously been moved in the back of my pick up, but whoever tried to take it must not have brought any tools with them.

I wonder how many bikes are saved from being stolen by relatively cheesy locks.
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Old 12-01-04, 05:19 PM   #8
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Locks only keep the poorly motivated from attaining their goal.......
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Old 12-01-04, 05:22 PM   #9
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i had my bike stolen. pretty basic job really - just cut through the chain and she was gone while i was watching a movie. had to walk home with my head down and my hands in my pockets. i had a cheap chain and lock so i guess it was bound to happen.
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Old 12-01-04, 10:16 PM   #10
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Lucky so far. When I used to ride to school, I used a 6' x 1/2" steel cable threaded through the frame, wheels and seat rails with a big master lock under the seat. Not enough slack to pull the seatpost or wheels out while secured. Never noticed any evidence of an attempted absconding.
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I had my new Specialized sirrus jacked from my highschool last year this time. Apparently it doesnt matter how thick the chain is if you use a combo lock. i still ride my new specialized to school but I made arangments with the principal so i could get to keep my bike in a janitors closet.
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they failed...some guy tried to bash open the lock on my bike chain (avenir, basically a kryptonite equal, just with the heaviest freaking padlock I've ever seen...the padlock is about as big as the effing chain!)...apparently whatever he used couldnt get through the padlock, but it made it look like crap. He also gummed my I got that out and it still works. I also talked around and got another one of those padlocks and had a locksmith re-key it so I didnt have any chances of that damamged outer body scraping the crap out of my frame.

I also had some wisearse jam a bic pen in my kryptolok when I was going to the store while the krypto-bic pen thing was at it's peak. The prick was jamming pens into every lock and just leaving them there...I wanted to bunnyhop off of his head a few times for that...fortunately I used hte one I couldnt get that trick to work on...but it still was rahter irritating....actually now I wouldnt bunnyhop off of his head...I prolly would just pin him to the ground and shove bic pens up his nose.
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Old 12-02-04, 07:43 PM   #13
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I've been telling people who have U-locks on their bikes that they can be easily stolen.

I feel like a dork but I suppose it is better than jamming a pen in the lock
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Old 12-28-04, 03:51 PM   #14
Huachuca Rider
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I don' think it has happened to me. At least I haven't actually lost a bike.
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