eek! i saw an infomercial, but unlike previous editions this one made no statements about being banned from racing, no-one was smoked going uphill against an lr, no-one complained how hard shifting was on a normal bike, and no-one had to stop to shift a normal bike.

they just emphasized how easy it was to ride (and no mention of having to shift the front derailleur), and inclines were very gentle.

i asked an lbs feller about it and you could actually see a headache coming on. fascinating. he said 'bad idea'. is that all? 'no. bad, BAD idea. we can't fix them'.

i called the operator standing by for my call (how'd she know i was gonna?). shipping was $65 fedex ground direct from the factory, no local dealers for support, no accessories.

that's about as bad as wuh wuh wuh mmmmart.

and do big box stores have a warranty on the stuff they sell? who posta do the repairs?

if you want more input, do the advanced search box in the upper right and type in 'land rider'.