so i was out on a first bike ride a couple weeks ago with my new girlfriend, and while we had a good time together on the ride, i was a little disheartened by the fact that she was a very slow rider, at least relative to me (we're talking like 7 or 8 mph). i wasn't looking to bust out a new personal best or anything, but it's actually kinda hard for me to ride that slow.

then this past weekend we were planning another ride together, and i noticed her tires were dangerously low on air. i can't for the life of me figure out how i missed such a glaring bicycle deficiency on our first ride, but once i got her bike over to my place and broke out my pump, i realized she only had about 5-10psi in tires rated for 50-75psi. she's not a bike person and she didn't really know that bike tires need to be routinely refilled with air (she just got the bike back in april of this year). i filled her up to about 65psi in each tire and we set off.

just the simple addition of the air allowed her to roll a good 5-6mph faster than our first ride, putting us in the 13mph range. she was shocked at how much easier it was for her to ride, and i was relieved that she was capable of rolling along at a comfortable cruising pace that wasn't laboriously slow for me. as long as we keep riding together, i'll be sure to keep an eye on her tire pressure (because i know she won't ).