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    Cool bike projects
    Dunno if this is linked anywhere else, but thought some of you might enjoy it.
    "Here’s 10 cheap and easy DIY bike projects anyone can do

    by Andreas on 29/09/2009 in FEATURES
    Here is a collection of 10 DIY bike projects that you can do in your free time. Each one contains links to different ways of implementing the project. The reason for I put this collection together is because I couldn’t find anywhere else on the internet that brings all these great projects in one place so make sure you bookmark it! I hope you enjoy the list and getting creative. Let me know if there are any more great DIY projects you are aware of."
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    I work with troubled kids and am always looking for cheap projects!!
    "Science has proven that if you have one flat on your bike, you will have another one, sooner or later. This is the reason that you should always buy a new bike when you get a flat." Mr Grumpy
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