I ordered some Giordana Sotto Zero booties from competitive cyclist.

They arrived promptly and the shipping charges are reasonable.

I wore them for a week and this morning on of the zippers pulled off in my hand. Luckily they also velcro so the morning commute was saved. Manufacturer defect, crappy. The booties are great though.

I emailed them first and after 5 hours I did not receive a response. Seems short I know, but I figure in this day and age email is as good as a phone call in most cases. I called and spoke to a rep and he is two day shipping a new pair to me and waiving shipping both ways.

I have been doing a lot of business with them because they have a no questions asked return policy. When you receive your product the return label, if you need it, lists a return option of "I changed my mind". How many companies would let you return something simply because you changed your mind?

This is the third order I have had with them and have been very pleased. I will continue to go back to them.