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    I went to my LBS today to make a decision on what new bike I was going to purchase. I was sure I was going to purchase a Kona but I couldn't settle on a model. I've been flip-flop'n between models like a career politician on issues. There are so many good bikes out there and so many models and uses. To my surprise the dealer just got in a new bike sizing computer. Body Scanning CRM I think I was the first victim. The sales rep was there to walk the owner and the employees through my fitting. I like many of you might be was a bit skeptical but to my surprise it pick the correct size for the bike I wanted, style of riding, desired riding position, etc... Check the link to see how it works. Unfortunately they didn't have the exact model and size in stock. Does anyone else have experience with this new equipement? The rep mentioned that it was developed in Europe.
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    We use it at our shop... its dead on accurate for me. I was skeptical but I was the first fit, and when they measured it against my mountain bike (which had always felt spot-on perfect to me), they found I was within 1-2mm of all measurements suggested. So that was proof enough for me. Its from Germany.

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