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    Help with buying New bike - plz!


    I apologize in advance for my complete newbie status and if I am in the wrong forum.

    I live in Portland, 40ish and just started biking (this summer). I have fallen in love. I bought my road bike from competitive cyclist (litespeed c3 with sram force). I expect to bike every weekend (weather be damned) as well as many events (cycle oregon, ramrod, etc).

    I returned my bike (long story but essentially SRAM forse and litespeed c3 seat tube are not compatible). CC have been awesome and are allowing me to return the bike and I will buy a new one from them.

    1. Again forgive me if I am way out there...PDX is very hilly, rain is a concern, 25-50 mile bike rides...some longer, some shorter. I am 5'11 at 165 pounds. Occasional low back pain (secondary to playing ice hockey twice a week).

    2. Choosing b/w:
    Pinarello fp due probably ultegra
    pinarello quattro probably ultegra
    willer (grand tourismo) with campy chorus
    ridley noah rs

    (my bike dude scratched damacle off my list as it is to aggressive).

    I realize the bikes are among different categories so please rank them and tell me what you think. I hope to get ultegra or campy chorus minimum. I apologize to the SRAM community - but will not get sram.

    Thanks and please give me your brutal, honest opinion.

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    Jazdev -

    first off, never apologize for asking a question, it's how you learn...

    given the choice of bikes, i don't think you will go wrong with any of them....

    at your level, if you are just starting out, bike fit is the most important. as long as the bike fits you, it will be fine.

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