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    Wheel Question: Zipp 808 vs. Enve 65

    I'm going to be getting into some longer distance triathlons this year (Olympic and Half Ironman with the goal of a 2013 Full) and I've been getting closer to getting a set of race wheels, especially with tax returns coming up right around the corner. I was in my shop yesterday talking to the guys and we were talking about some Zipp 808 Firecrest wheels. One of the guys who pretty much only rides on aero wheels suggested "if you're talking that kind of money, why not look at Enve?" He showed me a set of Enve 65's that he currently has on his bike and we talked about the differences in manufacturing processes and such. For the same cost as a set of 2012 FC 808's (from eBay), I can get a set of Enve 65's with Chris King hubs. This option gives me a higher spoke count to stiffen the wheel due to my size (I'm 6'2"/215). He seemed to think the 24/28 count was a better way to go. The Enve wheel set up is a couple hundred grams lighter than the Zipp's, but the Zipp's are deeper. I know it's all about aero right now. Are the Enve's good? Which wheel would be the better build? I don't want to end up with a wheel that's not durable enough or where I wish I had gotten the other set. Thoughts?


    Both wheel sets are Clinchers!

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    I think either way you can't go wrong and would have a great race day wheelset, but if I were forced to split hairs and you thought there might be a chance you might ride them every day then the lower profile wheel definitely has its advantages in windy conditions.

    I know the FC 808s handle like a much lower profile wheel than they actually are but at high yaw angles, surface area is surface area and a super deep wheel can get pushed around a bit more.

    I haven't owned a set of Enve wheels but have personally owned many Zipps and have always had great experience with them.
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