A few times in my travels I've stopped at a shop that catered to cyclists (example: a cafe on a popular bike trail) to find that they sold custom commemorative jerseys. One way that they let you know as you walked in the store that they had jerseys to sell was by hanging a tiny little sample jersey, maybe 4 inches tall but fully printed with their design, in the window of the shop.

I can only guess that this was a sample or proof, sent out by the manufacturer of the jerseys before they printed the full custom run.

A group I ride with is putting together its first order of semi-custom jerseys, and there has been a request to use a company that sends out these teeny samples -- because one of the riders has a plush animal that she brings with her on bike tours, and she has discovered that the samples fit her travel mascot.

(And yes, I'm the "member of the group" with the mascot....)

If you have ordered custom or semi-custom jerseys in the past and gotten one of these little samples, could you please let me know what company you used?