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Old 02-24-12, 01:49 PM   #1
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Noob question about tire liners and sealant

Hello I'm sorry if this has been asked a millions of times. But would you guys recommend using both tire liner and a sealant? Or is sealant just good enough? I know to carry patches and an extra tube because getting a flat will happen but I'm trying avoids flats if possible without sacrificing performance. Any recommendations would be good. I know it sounds like overkill. I just want to get what most people think.

I'm a new rider in a way. I've been trying to get healthy since I just turned 30. Ive always biked as a youth so I thought I'd giving biking a try. Running on the treadmill gets boring and I enjoy riding bikes. I bought a mountain bike special from my local Walmart to start it off. I've always owned mountain bikes through the years because it's what I've always known. On my mountain bike I use a liner and sealant because I kept getting flats. Well after I used my MTb for a while I noticed I don't nessesarily need a mountain bike. Im usually biking on paved trails and on bike lanes on roads. So I went to my lbs and bought a hybrid bike which is the diamondback insight. WoW what a totally different biking experience. It's more comfortable and Its a whole lot easier to bike. I can roll a whole lot further. It is day and night. I'm slowly getting better. I started off with 5miles then 10miles and now 15miles. I'm going to push my self farther with my first ride on the new bike hopefully 20+ miles this weekend. I'm just trying to get ready for the ride.

With the tires on the insight being so thin I don't think its a good idea to use a tire liner. But I don't know anything so I hope you guys can help With the right thing to do.

Thanks in advance. Sorry for being a noob lol
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Are you getting flats on the new bike? There are many puncture resistant type tires out there. Schwalbe makes some good ones. Plenty of the touring type tires are good too. Are your tires 700/ 29er? It should be on the side of the tire, like 700x 35mm. I don't run liners or sealant on my road type bikes.
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I use puncture resistant tires, look for Kevlar belted tires, Schwalbe are among the best, there are others out there. I don't like the sealant in the inner tubes, it makes a helluva mess if you blow a tire and it makes it hard to patch a tube if the hole is too large for the sealant to stop. I have never had a need for tire liners. FWIW I have Schwalbe, Kenda, Michelin and Panaracer tires on my different bikes and haven't had any issues with any of them. The Kenda's are the cheapest thing out there and don't have Kevlar belts all the others do.

It also helps if you try and pay attention to where you are riding. I DON'T ride on the shoulder or edge of the road because of the debris.

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I guess it depends on the tire the OP is using. If he has cheap Kendra or no name tires, I would use Tuffy Tire liners. Yes you do get pinch flats at times but this doesn't happen alot. On the other hand, once the Kendra tries start to wear down, you will get ALOT of flats. With the liners, you can really wear out cheap tires all the way though to the liner! The liners give you more miles on cheap rubber.
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Old 02-24-12, 07:27 PM   #5
I love custom cruisers
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ive been trying to decide what to do for a few of my bikes as i run slicks on 3 out of my 4 bikes. ive been lucky for the most part but i live in a rough neighborhood and you cant go more than a block or two without coming across broken glass or other bs for about two miles in any dirrection from my house. the worst luck ive had so far was a cross town ride to a doc office in the fall. had two spare tubes with me and had slime in the tires figured id be good to go. got about 3/4 the way to my apt. and hurd a pop and woosh and back tire was flat. i knew from the sound the goop in the tire would be no help so i quickly pulled the tire and the tube had a blow out rip in it about 2" long. put new tube and got back on my way. on the way home the same thing happened to the front. about two miles from home i got a flat again. ran over a screw. patched it and got home. to date every tube ive had goog in has blown in a simular way of just going and having a big rip in it. one even did it setting in my livingroom that hadnt been riden in weeks. i no longer use goop in my tubes and have been wondering how good the liners are.
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i use tire liners and have found them very useful. tuffy ultra light for best performance.

and BTW, if you get a new road bike you'll go WOW again!
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Old 02-27-12, 11:33 PM   #7
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In the shop we try to ascertain the cause of a flat before replacing the tube. Sometimes it turns out to be a piece of glass still in the tire, or a wire strand that was picked up in a construction site and the odd time its a screw or nail.

But the majority of the time its 'snake-bites' caused by hitting a pothole with an under inflated tire. Unfortunately neither slime nor tire liners nor anti flat construction offers any protection from that. But fortunately, anyone can learn to properly inflate a tire and check tire pressure.
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I don't like slime, all it really does is cause a mess. A decent tire, properly inflated is half the battle. Yes, liners help, but they are a pain to mount. Because of that, I only use a liner on the rear wheel. The rear is a pain to get off on the road and gets your hands black and greasy. I don't use a liner on the front. I can repair a front wheel flat on the road in less than 15 minutes.
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Old 02-28-12, 12:44 AM   #9
I love custom cruisers
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I always run max pressure or 5 under. I can't stand squash tires and I'm over 200lbs so if my tire says 40-65psi I ride at 60-65 otherwise I feel like the wheel is hitting the ground and the ride feels unstable. I've never found signs of a pinch flat its 90% punctured from screws, glass, small Sharp plastic bits, etc and 10% wheel liner failed and spoke/nipple pokes a hole in the tube.
Think maybe this time ill try liners and see if it helps. I've tried the foam tubes when I was young and they only work if the tire fits them perfect and you don't weigh too much but they are heavy too.
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I'm trying avoids flats if possible without sacrificing performance.
all the features that block or resist punctures will have mass, ie weigh something.
and as such will inevitably reduce performance..
in comparison with a light supple tire,

so there needs to be a priority choice.

Kevlar belt inside the tire casing when combined with a kevlar bead
to reduce the weight, .. in comparison, with similar tire with steel wire beads.
so the added weight of the belting, is compensated, some,
by the lighter non metal bead wire material.
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1. I've never used a sealent or a tire liner. I think that, if a product is properly designed, you shouldn't have to buy add-ons to make it work.

2. I do use tires that have a degree of puncture resistance. If you study the various company's offerings, you'll usually discover that they offer similar tires with a variety of levels of puncture resistance.

3. The most puncture resistant tires ride like cart wheels. The highest performing tires have poor puncture resistance. That's OK. Just pick a tire that's somewhere in between that matches your needs.

4. How do you know what your needs are? Just pick a tire and ride. If your tires puncture more frequently than you're willing to live with, buy something more puncture resistant next time. If you never puncture, I'd buy something that's more supple and high performance next time.

5. If you frequently ride with a group, forget the above and buy whatever tires they use. I don't know if they'll be any better but, if you have a puncture in the middle of a group ride, you won't have to endure a lecture about your stupid tire choice.

One other thing. Do you live in goathead thorn country? If you do, only take tire advice from other people who live with goatheads. That's not me.

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Old 03-20-12, 02:06 AM   #12
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Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I really appreciated all the help. Here's what I ended up doing. I found out my bike has kenda puncture resist tires so I just ended up riding with no tire lines or sealant. I've put in about 100miles with no flats at all. I just carry patches and a tube with me just I case. I really thought about sealant and liners but I was really hesitant because I didnt want the extra weight to make the bike roll less. So far no problems. I've just watched where I've been riding. I won't go over anything crazy. I passed by this one road where the street was to narrow and too much traffic I just carried the bike to a safe place,to ride. That god the bike is fairly light. Thanks you for all the help. Knowing some of you guys don't use either sealant or liners made me feel more confident riding without them. The best advice was to,watch where I'm biking and that has helped,a lot. Thanks again for your time.
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