Just purchased a new bike and decided that it is finally time to buy a proper bike rack.

I am looking for a hitch-mounted, 1.25" compatible "platform-style" rack. I would prefer to stay away from the type of racks that hold the bicycle by its top tube. The rack will be going on my 2011 Prius.

Since I am just getting back into cycling, I am not sure what my needs are just yet. So, I would like to be prepared in terms of bike capacity, but I would not like to overboard either.

So far, I am seriously considering a Raxter Thorax 1.25" rack since it can hold 3 bikes. I can also get a fairly good price for it, which helps tremendously:


I am not sure if I really need 3 trays, but they sure seem nice to have. Another option I am considering is getting a single 1up USA quik-rack for now, then adding additional trays later.

Basically, these are the things I am looking for:

1) Durability
2) Stability on highway (minimal sway)
3) Keep cost under $400
4) Minimize weight if possible.

I would really appreciate some advice on this. Thanks!