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    Finding a new bike

    I have been luck in the past finding a new bike is usually easy but now i am having trouble. I am a relatively large guy 6 4 with longer arms than average. I need a new bike the old one is no longer available to me. I am looking for something with a large frame and high handlebars I hate waking my knees. I would like disk breaks but not a major thing. I work on Mackinac Island so thin tired bikes are out. Hitting a horse pile with thin tires going down a hill is a trip to the emergency room. A suspension is not a good thing either for the same reason the urine eats seals and rubber the shocks stop working very quick. can any one suggest what to look for I am lost All the sites online show mw what the bike looks like but not how big it is relative to anything. Oh and I have budget of $300-$500 Thanks any one that can help

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    Welcome To Bike Forums, Mackinac!

    I would recommend the following cyclocross bikes:

    The Gravity Liberty ~ $400

    The Dawes Lightning Cross ~ $470

    When you check out the website, they provide a sizing table, by which you can guesstimate your approximate frame size.

    * Just place wider tires on one of these steeds and you'll be ready to slice through your terrain.
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