My second hand MTB keeps evolving everytime someone upgrades to a titanium/carbon fiber show bike at the LBS. Last month they had a nice rock shock so I grabbed it and replaced the average shock. Then they had some nice new free ride pedals and hybrid tires. Then today when my mechanical disk brakes finally died someone had just pulled off some Shimano Deore disks (replaced by xtr and full titanium what else?). So the only thing remaining original now is the back derailer and cassete and the frame itself. I just need someone to upgrade their drive train and that 8 speed cassette and derailer can go as well.

I did notice that this particular disk brake is 3 times more powerful than the cable actuated disks and either on or off. Its going to take a little getting used to. The bike itself may be a little heavier than the newest all singing all dancing model, but I'm more than happy for the performance/price comparison.