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    Advice needed regarding bike short fitment


    I just started biking seriously this year. I have done 46 mile rides riding a hybrid and wearing some thinly padded baggy shorts. Now I will be riding a road bike this weekend, probably a 60 to 70 mile ride and i bought some lycra bike shorts for it.

    I have a question regarding how they should fit.

    I am 5'9" 167.5 lbs in the morning. waist is about 32.5 - 33 inches and my legs are about 23.5" at the widest and my vastus medialis are big. When I put the shorts on, i see that the shorts cover my whole leg and it does not come up midway thru my vastus medialis (lower inner quad) like in the picture of the sample shorts i bought, is that normal, or do I have shorts that are too small for me? the size I got is Medium and the waist is 32-34 so it fits fine, but i find the legs too tight, or are they supposed to fit that way? I have never worn tights before, so I just wanted to make sure, before i go on this long ride with really tight shorts.

    Thank You
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    If you want longer leg bike shorts, Knickers are a way to go,
    cover the Patella.

    Spandex bike shorts are supposed to fit snugly,
    so abrasion against the saddle, is not your skin inside shorts,
    but the leg and the shorts moving as one.
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