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    Okay, I admit I'm not the brightest bulb in the box, but I can't seem to figure out how to disable that annoying little pop-up at the bottom of the screen for (formerly and they have been no help when I ask them. Their website says to go to Add/Remove Programs to do it, but there is nothing there. When I emailed them to ask they said to do it in the browser settings, but "Block Pop-Ups" has already been enabled. I thought it was nice to have at first, but when it changed to Chainlove they pop-up more frequently, plus they have nothing I want. Any help?
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    Dunno which browser you're running, but if you have Chrome (or any number of clones) or Firefox, you can look up "Ad Block Plus" in the extension/add-on gallery. Install that (may or may not require a restart of the browser), then right click on the pop-up the next on that site and you should be able to see something like "block content" or similar from the context menu. Follow the instructions and that should take care of it.

    ABP also gets rid of a bunch of those ad on fb, if you're into that.
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