I thank you folks for previous helps. A question:

I have a worksman port-a-trike. This house is "overloaded", so the trike is being moved outside where the elements are. In other words, I want to buy a trike
cover. When I search for trike cover review, all I see are covers for motor-trike, not bicycle-trike. Do you recommend or dis-recommend any trike cover?
Is "bicycle cover review" sufficient or trike cover is different? On Amazon, Sunlite has a cover for $25. Is Sunlite a good brand? Is $25 a good price?

This is the 1st time I'm buying. Enlighten me, what am I looking for? thickness? endurance? material? or what?

Fyi, I live in the Bay area. So it is occasional dew during the summer and alot of rain during the winter. No snow or sleet.

Also, fyi, I use wheelchair, so ease-of-use would be important. I would want to just throw the cover on (and maybe strap it), not have to roll around the trike
and tighten 4 corners (or whatever).

Thank for any tip.