I couldn't seem to find the proper thread for this, but felt it was relevant for your attention.

I go this bike as a gife, but I have few other bike like Jamis Ventura Sport, thus I must sell them

She was looking beautiful and attractive in store with her slim tires and fat aluminium frame. I kept watching her for a while before holding, when I hold her she was lighter than breeze.
On my first ride i found that it is the lightest bike ever in my life. I was not pushing the pedals but she was moving.
Salient Features:
- Light and right for roads and long rides.
- Gear shifting works like a charm.
- Excellent breaking
- Beautiful frame and design
- Straight handle bar and ergonomic grips
- You'll feel the rest when you'll have it.
What I miss in my Supercycle TEMPO:
- A comfortable seat.
What extra I have attached to my TEMPO:
- Fenders
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