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    New Bike and opinions needed

    I would like to get opinions on a few items.

    This is the start of my third cycling season, so I am thinking of a bike upgrade next month. I am currently riding a 03-Specialized Sequoia Sport. I have over 5000 road miles and who knows how many trainer miles. For a first rookie-bike it has been rock solid, and I would recommend it to anybody starting out.

    The first question that I have is this. Does upgrading to a bike that is in the 2K range really make that much of a difference riding? I am curious about hearing experiences after people moved up. Next, and I know this question does gets beat to death --- what bike to people like in the $2,000-$2,500 range? I am currently leaning towards the 2005 Trek 2300 10 speed triple , but I would REALLY like to keep my budget on the lower end of that scale if possible.

    I cannot wait until spring!

    Thanks in advance,

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    Does upgrading to a bike that is in the 2K range really make that much of a difference riding?
    Yes, you look way cooler.

    I'd be cautious about having high expectations, once you get over a Grand the differences are small for the fitness rider. If you ride for hours at a time I think you will appreciate the difference more.
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