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    commuting after a cross country move... pretty novice!

    Hi everyone!

    I'm new to this forum, and kinda looked around to see if anyone had already posted with a similar situation, but didn't really find anything that fit. so, here goes....

    I recently moved from south florida to northern california. its a big move- especially as a cyclist... hills! im in the east bay, and the land is pretty rugged out here. I recently bought a new bike as my primary mode of transportation, a cannondale quick. I'm pretty happy with the bike, overall. i feel like the leg reach is good on this bike, which is a big deal for me... i'm pretty long legged. but what i'm finding is that i wish i was sitting back a little further, with more of a reach between the saddle and the handlebars.I am wondering if some of this has to do with me, wanting to lean into my ride a little more with the change of terrain, or is this more upright seated position true of the hybrid/commuter style bicycles. my last bike was a giant, and is sitting in storage. it was a little too short for me, but it didn't matter so much on the flat flat flat florida roads....

    so, if anyone has any feedback for me, i'd greatly appreciate it...


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    Easiest way to increase the reach to the handlebars would be getting a longer stem which would put the handlebars farther forward.

    Alternatively, there are ways to move the saddle back, but then you get into having to readjust the height since the angle change also changes the distance to the pedals.
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