Ah, a very fun ride. Got up at 5am and for the first three hours the weather was co-operative. Then it started to drizzle, then rain and rain some more Being 60km from home it didn't matter one way or the other.Got a decent average of 26.5km/h which is good considering I was in long distance mode. A record top speed of 62.5km/h - where I'm not sure but there were a few downhills and I did barrel down in the rain so I wasn't looking at speed. I rode 135km in 5 hours 5 minutes to which I added about 50 minutes in various stops along the way. which is quite good for my current level.

To make it more memorable I literally rode the axles off my bike. About 10km from home the QR died and caused the brake disc to be gouged by the caliper adapter AND it bent my frame dropouts. Meaning my "samchully" frankenbike is no more. This is sad because the Fuji frame that will replace it is more of a thief magnet... A memorable day, if somewhat expensive. I really didn't want to drop $200 on a new(used) Fuji xc frame and assembly. The nice thing is that its 19 inches as compared to 18 inches on my old frame - which was a fraction too small anyway. Its also lighter and stronger.