There it is... the parts are a bit of a mismatch in places.

* Fuji XC Outland Pro frame 20.5 inches
* Deore Hyrdrolic calipers
* XT centerlock front disc on a deore center lock hub and light weight wheel
* Joytec (sounds cheap but it fits perfectly and rolls sweet) rear 6 bolt disc hub with a dual v brake/disc brake rim. Not my idea of perfect, but as I said it works so sweetly I can forgive it the extra weight
* Two Korean 140 Lumen lights
* Sun race thumb shifters 3/8 speed.
* Shimano Acera 24 speed drive chain. 44/11 largest ratio.
* Italian made saddle - it was broken and the guy at the shop challenged me to fix it. I took 2 hours of working at the problem but I did and he had to give it to me.
* Some nice Comfortable grips and bar ends. The color will change to red later.
* Magnesium BMX platform pedals with lots of springs for stickyness
* Cateye Enduro wired 8 computer - I don't like wireless computers much.

All in all it rides fast and smooth. In comparison to other bikes it is somewhat heavy, but I see that as a bonus as I just have to work that much harder and stay fitter because of it. I can get cruising speeds between 30-40km/h and downhill speeds of about 55-61km/h. All it all I like it a lot.

Took her for a ride to test long distance comfort today, works great. The actual ride time could have been better, but after time trials against myself every morning for a week and 100km of commuting my body didn't want to deliver 30km/h+ for 5 hours plus.