I've cross posted this in a couple forums. Recently I got great customer service with Quickex and I feel like telling others about it is the least I can do.

Last week I dropped my Quickex quicker pro onto concrete from about 6 foot high. The fall broke the plastic end cap and rendered the pump dead. I was upset to lose my favorite travel pump. I decided to contact quickex and ask if I could buy a spare part. The response took only one hour, they will send me the spare part for FREE. They even sent me a photo of the part to confirm that it was the right piece. I got another email the same day to let me know that it had shipped. I got it today, shipping from Poland only took 6 days, including a weekend!

Aside from that, I like the pump a lot. In my experience it does live up to it's lofty claims. I would say that it is at least comparable to my Zefal HP3, while being much smaller and lighter.

The pump is great, the customer service is even better. Thank you Quickex.

Quickex Quicker Pro pump by mkeller234, on Flickr