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Hi, everyone. Just thought I'd like to share my photos with you. This is my Trek tricycle that got picked up from The Great Bicycle Shop in Thomasville Road and got it inside my apartment. I've been using it for a week and I'm impressed with my tricycle. I've been using it in sidewalks when it comes to getting to Lively Technical Center (it's right next to Tallahassee Community College as it's located at 500 Appleyard Drive).

I could ride my tricycle in the bike lane, but the bike lane is too narrow for me to ride straight and I'll have trouble knowing if the rear left rear touches the white line or not so I do tend to drift my tricycle to the right, unlike the sidewalk. Of course, sidewalk is made for walking, but my family would be so worried that riding in the road would put my life in danger due to fast cars in the road. Plus, the traffic lights make it harder to see if the sky is bright except when it's very cloudy or dark outside. All in all, it makes it a lot easier for me to ride my tricycle in the sidewalk. What I mean is whenever I approach pedestrians, I can slow way down, say "pardon me," and move along. But the disadvantage is it's not that easy to walk my tricycle. Whether I should ride my tricycle in the road, bike lane (if it exists), or in the sidewalk is a very contraversial subject and it does have legal issues but I will not discuss this matter in Google+ or anywhere in the Internet. Besides, this kind of debate will always get endless. Even when it comes to city ordinance! (sigh)

If you notice the mirror, I thought I'd like to test to see how well I can see from behind me, but the mirror is way too small. But the plus for the mirror is it is very flexible in positioning the way I want it. I've tried the helmet mirror, but since I'm blind in my left eye, this will greatly limit my eyesight.

Anyway, I found this bike to be very nice, including the white frame and the basket. I will continue to use my tricycle more often, to see how well my tricycle can handle the hills when riding to Wal-Mart. If you're a cyclist like me, don't ever think about riding in the road in Ocala Street near Publix (Ocala Street is between West Tennessee Street and West Pensacola). While riding my two-wheel bicycle, I tried to get my feet back in the pedal and I felt like I'm going to lose control of it. I tried to stop my bike but when I did, I've had an injury to my right elbow and had to go to the convenience store to put a bandage in it to stop it from bleeding, but it still hurt and that's from last year to about a year and a half.

It's a Wal-Mart bike and I once got a Wal-Mart trike from them (Worksman Port-O-Trike) that's too little and caused rear right tire to break while I was in Altha, FL (west of Tallahassee). No more buying cheap bikes or trikes (even if it cost me $400) at all from Wal-Mart or Target. I've had two Wal-Mart cheap bikes with a bent wobbly wheel in the rear and a Wal-Mart trike with a wobbly wheel in the rear right. Bye-bye, Wal-Mark bikes.

It's a great thing I got a real tricycle from The Great Bicycle Shop (I've deposited $500 while my dad deposited $200 to help pay for my tricycle) as my mom said that this will last me for the rest of my life but I'm unsure if she's right in that as I've put a few miles into my trike BUT time will tell if it will last me for lifetime use.

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