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    What bike to buy? - Advise please

    hi guys,

    I'm really confused about something. I have a bike right now, it's rubbish and the gears are terrible and want a new one. I cycle to work a total of 16 miles per day and I also cycle about 30 miles outside that on the weekends through london. I like to be able to chain my bike up sometimes outside a pub or outside at work securely. I also want a bike that is pretty good, a bit lighter than what i have now (13kg) with good gears that do not slip, and a bike that is not simply going to get obviously stolen because it looks amazing with flashing logo stickers! Does anyone have any advise please? Ideally i'm after something that kind of has a frame like this one I don't know how important a frame is, i just cycle!

    The bike doesn't have to be amazing, but I would like one with good parts, or if someone knows of a bike like the above, i could replace gears or something if money isn't a problem but i guess there's no point in me paying 1K if i'm not going to use if for its purpose you know, and no point if it's going to get stolen outside my work offices! Like, if I buy the above bike, won't it just get stolen when locked up outside starbucks from 2-6 central london, i odn't know?!!

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    Visit the local bike sellers, I visited the FW Evans shop , in London.
    but it was 25 years ago.

    lighter the bike the heavier the lock, to keep it yours.

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