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    Forefoot tilt / LeWedge

    I've been having some knee problems off and on, finally saw an orthopedic doctor.

    Apparently my legs are a bit wacky -- especially the right one. Amongst other things, he recommended that I try using wedges between my shoes and cleats.

    Problem is that I already own speedplay frogs, and as far as I can tell the only wedge product, LeWedge ( ), isn't available for frogs. Doc also suggested switching to one of speedplay's road pedals, which would also be better because they have some side-to-side adjustment that the frogs don't have -- which I think I also need, although pedal extenders might be another option.

    So then the problem is that I'm always getting off and on my bike, and I do quite a bit of walking during my biking day (bike messenger work + commuting etc.), which makes me think that non-recessed cleats would totally suck. Plus I would need to get new bike shoes, and I'd have to give up my shimano sandals!

    Advise? Is there some other recesssed pedal which I could wedge to fit my body? Or should I just buy the speedplay zero's and some new road shoes, LeWedge's, and maybe 'pontoons' to protect my cleats while I walk?

    I really wanted to buy a new bike, hopefully I'll still be able to afford one after I take care of my knees...


    PS: whoops...

    well obviously I could also go to SPDs, which is what I used to ride. I still have some really cr@ppy pedals and cleats, but that seems like a step back -- I like the frogs, and although I'm not certain that I 'need' them, it seems like the free float and easy exit is a good thing for me. But maybe SPDs are best compromise -- hard to say!

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