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    Discussion of Lance Armstrong and doping

    I'm sure this has been done already but it's an important topic in the cycling community and I wanted to hear what you guys think about it. I personally believed AADA made a bad choice. I don't really care if he doped, I mean for God sakes the man beat stage three cancer that had spread throughout his body and then won seven Tour de Frances after that! Plus all he has done for cancer and all the hope and inspiration he has spread throughout his career. I believe, doping or not, Lance Armstrong is an amazing cyclist and fighter.
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    They've turned into a complete witch hunt. The fact that it seems nearly everyone else was doping when he won those TDFs makes it kind of irrelevant if he was doping or not. Then, there's the fact that the primary source of the accusation has admitted to doping, himself. What's the old auto racing quote? "I know they're cheating, because we're cheating, and we can't beat them."

    At this point, I just don't care anymore. It's time to focus on preventing doping in current upcoming races.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TRac View Post
    I'm sure this has been done already...
    Ya think?

    We have a couple of Lance related threads going on in our Professional Cycling forum and we'd like to keep it there. You're welcome to post your 0,02 USD in any of those. I'm closing this thread. Any questions, please post in my Visitor Messages. Thank you.

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