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    Castelli Men's Gabba Convertible Jacket jacket review. From my ride report.

    Here is a little bit about it in use from I ride I posted on my team and club listing.

    I could not get any of you ladies to ride with me so...I usually do not listen to music when I ride due to safety, but because traffic was light and it rained the whole ride I figured it would be ok. I kept the music low.
    I used the Klipsch s4i rugged earbuds in what I call KTM orange with my iphone. All recorded in Lossless from CD.
    I started out with Black Sabbath "Children of the Grave" full album.
    2nd full album was THE DILLARDS "THERE IS A TIME" all the songs are great. Some songs are folk rock, some are Blue Grass, they even do a acapella version of the Beatles song "Yesterday" again good album. If you watch the great TV show Andy Griffith the Dillards were the family and band
    called the Darlings. The boys never had any expression on their faces which i found funny. The music they played was GREAT and introduced a lot of people to Blue Grass that other wise never would have listened. The Dillards - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Then it was a mix of songs:
    Steve Miller "Book of Dreams"
    Aerosmith "Rocks"
    Van Halen a early song 1 or 2
    Depeche Mode "Violator"
    Dianna Krall
    Tim McGraw

    GEAR/KIT I WORE: Neoprene booties which when I started off I did not have zipped up. I quickly found out I should have because with them open the water sprayed onto my Giordana wind front tights and into by booties. Merino wool socks.
    Top: I wore a light to midweight polypro long sleeve, a cycling jersey with no sleeves and the the Castelli "Gabba Convertable Jacket", which I left the arms zipped on the whole time. Water only seems to come through the sleeves up to where the short sleeve jersey sleeves underneath stop.
    This is because the jersey sleeves are made with Windstopper like the rest of the jersey. The sleeves are not Windstopper. The jacket kept me dry mostly and comfortable!
    I started with the Craft windproof cool weather gloves which I did 3/4 or so of the ride with and then switched to my Fly offroad motorcycle winter waterproof gloves.
    My head wear was a Pearl Izumi light weight head/ear cover that also served to keep my earbuds in along with a Halo summer type sweat head cover. and a helmet of course.
    I was comfortable the whole ride except my feet which were wet from the start, did get cold towards the end and my fingers were wet and cold until I switched to my Fly gloves.
    My headlight almost ran out of juice. I had it on flash the whole time. I feel it is safer than leaving it on solid. Cyclops Adventure Sports LED light.
    It was a good ride at a comfortable pace for me.
    Happy Halloween to all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mtnbikerva1 View Post
    My headlight almost ran out of juice. I had it on flash the whole time. I feel it is safer than leaving it on solid. Cyclops Adventure Sports LED light.
    Old batteries? From the song list it seems your ride took a couple of hours or so. I would expect a flash mode to run longer than that.
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