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Review your Panaracer Pasela Tourguards

title says it all...

How do the sidewalls hold up?
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I've had generally good experiences with Pasela TGs, both in 26" and 700mm sizes.

I had a set on my Fantom Cross Uno and hit a big nail in the road in the first few weeks. The nail was big enough to leave an entry wound in the tread, an exit wound in the sidewall, and a nick in the rim. This tire held on unbooted and otherwise unreinforced (at 90psi) for a couple thousand miles over the course of several months before the exit wound started to expand and the tire started to bulge. So I had to boot it, ride it home from work, and swap it out with plenty of life left in it otherwise.
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I have not noticed the sidewalls to be different from any others. They keep the air in unless something pokes through them. A nail will pretty much take out any tire. The rear tread seems to have squared off pretty quickly. The attraction to me is that they are available in wider widths. Otherwise, I prefer a Gatorskin or GP4000s.
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Mine held up well, good puncture protection, no sidewall problems. I also liked the ride quality, although I'm usually not that sensitive to differences among tires in this department.
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Just bring a 3rd tire..
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I use them in a 700x32 size. Excellent tires that hold up very well. Never had problems with the sidewalls, there are little lines and cracks but it's just cosmetic, nothing to worry about.
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I give them a C, not a C+ or C-. They are a retro tire so if that's the look you want for you classic bike go for it. If you want a tire with better than C flat protection and sidewalls that won't crack and fail in a year of UV exposure look elsewhere including to Panaracer Ribmos and T-Serves.
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I'm on my first pair of 35s.They've got about 2K with one rear flat. They ride much better than the Schwalbe touring tires I used prior.

My previous bike used 3 pair of 32s with minimal flats. I can't remember the exact number but it seemed low.
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Old 01-31-13, 07:49 PM   #9
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I have been running the same seet of 700x35 TG for 5 years. Not one flat, and the sidewalls look fine. I washed my bike the other day and gave them a good they look like new.

About time for some new ones.
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The Tourguards have been great flat-wise. The sidewalls are a weak point however. I've had sidewalls "wear" through before the casing did. Gonna try the Ribmo advice... But, The Touguards were head and shoulders above the Armadillos weight wise, ride wise and longevity wise.

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Tourguards are my favorite tire for the price. There are certainly better tires to be had but not in the same price range as the Tourguards.
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Velo Dog
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Originally Posted by fietsbob View Post
Just bring a 3rd tire..
Nah. I've used them almost exclusively for years, and they're probably my all-time favorite all-around tires. Every couple of years I'll get antsy and try something else, but I always go back.
FWIW, I weigh 240 and ride 37s one one bike, 35s on the other, at 70 and 80psi. Works great.
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I like the UrbanMax, TServ, and RibMo's better. Precisely because of sidewall issues. And I prefer the sleeker look.

I also really like the Continental Travel Contacts. Better. For my mixed use in Austin (tarmac, concrete, granite bike paths, gravel, dirt, mixed conditions).
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