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    Party time :beer:

    Hey folks,

    I just got a reply back from the University of Miami, and I've gotten a job that I applied for about 4 months ago....<hellz yah!>

    The job consists of networking and desktop maintance <comp. engineering>...anyways, the good side is that i'll be makin' 30k a year and going to school for free...A pretty good deal for a 19 year old I think...Anyways, a beautiful intellect like myself was destined to get the job...right?

    Whats this got to do with bikes? Well, working/going to UM will give me the opportunity to round up all the hot blondies that ride their bikes around campus and direct them towards my tent- - - er Bikeforums!... <yeah thats right, bikeforums >

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    I'll wish you luck, and I'll also expect to see many bikers signing on from UM. If you spend as much time on the job and your studies as you do chasing blondes on bikes, you'll have a great career at UMiami.

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