All of my riding partners have raved about the new Fizik saddle - the Aliante
I've seen them in the local bike shops at close to MSRP prices. So I've wanted to get ahold of one of these saddles but the price was too far out of my reach to justify a purchase. I've recently discovered seeing it in some of the online distributors and catalogs however most still don't carry it. However, their pricing isn't too different than my local bike shop. ($189-299)

However, I found a retailer who distributes through an eBay store. These are the lowest prices I've found by far.

Fizik Aliante
$149.99 for the carbon rail
$129.99 for the Titanium Rail

I paid for my purchase using paypal and the item was shipped to my door within a few days.

There are other items beyond saddles that were for sale as well. I get the impression, this place is a clearance house for one or more of the local bike shop chains. (My saddle had an inventory sticker with the name of a local bike shop)

See the online store at: