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    Jamis Coda OLN width?

    I have just picked up a NOS 2011 Jamis Coda Sport hybrid for urban cycling (with a child carrier on the back) and as a bike that will be more appropriately matched with the Fuji hybrid ridden by my wife.

    I am also delighted to have a steel hybrid again, as I got back into cycling in '97 with a GT steel hybrid, which I later regretted selling as I moved upmarket into road and touring bikes and then way upmarket into custom built steel frames.

    At the price I paid for the Coda, I expect cheap and cheerful parts. However, I will likely make a change to the wheels as I am not confident that the Alex/Formula 32-hole machine built rear wheel will be very happy with my ample weight, plus another 40lbs and more for a two year old child, child seat and rack.

    The Jamis site/catalog is unclear as to whether the rear axle width is 130mm or 135mm and the stock hubs are simply described as Formula alloy. It will be a lot easier to get a wheel upgrade if it is 135mm OLN width as there are lots based around Shimano mountain hubs.

    I know that I could cold set the steel frame to 135mm but am not too keen on doing so. Also, I know that one option is to measure it but I don't really trust myself to determine it within 5mm or 3/16" with a tape measure.

    Hopefully, someone may know if the Coda frame has a road or mountain rear hub spacing.

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    Hybrids generally have MTB-spec rear hubs, which are, generally, 135mm.
    Measuring is straightforward and easy. Then you will be sure.
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