I am into week #3 of mt PT job at my local LBS. And I am having a ball!
Today I got to build 3 new bike a Kona Jake the Snake, a Giant Escape, and a Felt road bike. I have built a number of hybrids in the past few week along with comfort style bikes and some kid's bike. Doing these builds is really teaching me, along with the great mechanics at the 2 shops, how to do any and all adjustments.
Hope to get into doing some tune-ups and of course the ever present "Heym I have a flat tire. Can you fix it?"
Also had a grand-ma and her grand-son,4 years old, come in and got him on a 16" bike with training wheels. Couldn't convince them to go with something with electronic shifting!
Hardest part is learning how to use the computer to ring up sales.