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    Audax or Allure Libre - Drop or No Drop

    Seems to me the argument that occurred in the early days of cycling - Audax or Allure Libre - still goes on today.

    Most of the group rides around here are billed as "no-drop" rides. They tend to have one or two leaders who set the pace, somewhat slower than the fast guys and somewhat faster than the slow guys. Anyone off the front is alone, people off the back are collected at intervals. This results in an antsy group, talk of splintering off a faster ride - which if it occurs then does the same thing. Similar to Audax.

    The drop rides don't have a pace setter, at least not after the warmup is over. Off the back and you're on your own, off the front and you might find some partners - who will drop you in a second if they can. Similar to Allure Libre.

    The funny thing is that people are mostly unaware that this tension is the nature of group cycling.
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    My last ride I almost got into an argument because I wanted to be dropped. I didn't want to hold up anyone and I knew the area somewhat. Told the guys to go on ahead and they still hung around. On one hand I want to go back and try to hang on, but I would rather be dropped than have someone else slow down for me. It's also a practical request. I'm not going to get faster trying to hang on to the back of a group ride that is constantly slowing down for me.

    That said, if I'm out of town, I'm looking for a no-drop ride so I won't be stuck in the middle of nowhere with no one to call if I need help.

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