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    Cielo Chris King frameset (5 year warranty) vs Co-motion (lifetime warranty)

    I'm looking to build up a custom bicycle, either Cielo or Co-Motion. I have seen both of these bicycles in person and I'm in love. Ideally I'd like to own both but can only afford to build up one.

    The issue I have is with Cielo's 5 year warranty vs. Co-motions lifetime warranty.

    Chris King prides itself in why are they offering such a stickler warranty for such an expensive frameset, especially considering every other builder in this price range offers lifetime?

    Has anyone had to repair their Cielo under warranty? What is the chance a Cielo is going to need any warranty service?

    I don't know which to choose. Loving both the Co-Motion Norwester and Cielo Sportif classic

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    many companies have been switching to limited tmie warranties since the mid nineties
    where previously almost all large brands claimed lifetime warranty

    i think the reason is that a warranty is designed to cover defects
    if a bike is ridden for more than 5 years without failing then it is generally speaking not defective
    and if it fails after that it is most likely due to fatigue or crashing or some other problem
    that isnt normally covered

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