Hey Everyone!
Today I found a back way to work. Before I was going the main way wich is a divided highway. Not one I want to ride my bike on. The main way also has huge hills.

The back way is abit flatter, but still has some good size hills to it. It's about 7 miles one way.
Not someting I want to attempt without a pump though. Maybe tuesday I'll go to The Bike Shop and get one.

Id want to ride it on my day off before attempting it on a day I have to work. That way if I don't make it, its no big deal.
Also since I work afternoon shift, I'd have to get a ride home. Not comfortable rideing alone in the dark on back roads.

Also, not sure if I'm up to the challange of 14 miles yet. Today I did 10 though! Yay! Farthest bike ride since high school.

Now I just have to find some one crazy enough to want to ride with me, so I dont have to venture out by myself.
Normally I just do laps/circles arround the neighbohood and the neighboring neighborhood. Then we could leave a vehical at one end, and bike to it from the other. Then wed only have to go one-way.